Country France
Program Type DeradicalizationRehabilitation
Implementer demo
Program Description

Established in 2011 and since January 2012, HAYAT has been the partner of the German Federal Office for Immigration and Refugee Affairs, which established a national counseling hotline on radicalization (‘Beratungsstelle Radikalisierung’). Taking calls from relatives and other concerned persons, the hotline provides a first line assessment to then redirect the calls to local, non-governmental partners like Hayat.

HAYAT is thereby responsible for Berlin and East Germany as well as for the international, highly security relevant cases. HAYAT can also be contacted directly via email or telephone. During the first contact, HAYAT experts will conduct an analysis and risk assessment of the respective situation to determine the counseling demand and to answer the most important questions in the beginning: Is the relative in danger of becoming (violently) radicalized? Or is it a harmless case of conversion to Islam?

Once the counselor gained a clear picture of the concrete situation, an individual counseling process and step by step plan will be designed, including various measures to prevent further radicalization or to stop and reverse the process. The counseling is conducted systemic, situational, problem and solution oriented. The services are free, confidential and available in German, English and Arabic.

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