Country Morocco Morocco
Program Type Training
Implementer Ministry of Religious endowments and Islamic Affairs
Relevance to FTF Detecting and Intervening Against Violent Extremism
Detecting and Intervening Against Recruitment and Facilitation
Detecting and Intervening Against Travel and Fighting
Detecting and Intervening Upon Return
Program Description

Provide a one year training for young university graduates to serve as Imam and Murchida by equipping them with efficient tools to promote the fundamentals of a tolerant and moderate Islam and prevent extremist agendas and religious ideologies from invading the Islamic arena. The Program enables imams and morchidates to offer spiritual counseling and moral support especially within prisons, and social welfare institutions, provide humanitarian assistance to low-income families in partnership with civil society organizations and private donors, engage civil society organizations to design programs aimed at disseminating messages of tolerance and dialogue. The Program aims also at promoting women’s religious awareness through religious education and counseling via creating real intimate relationships between the murchidates and the communities they work with.The training includes theoretical classes in Islamic law, social sciences, psychology, administrative law, foreign languages and computer sciences, as well as practical sessions in methodology of research, public speaking and preaching skills, art and gymnastics.

1582 Imams and 609 Mourchidates have graduated from this program since 2006.

5 African plus 1 European countries benefit from this program.

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