Country Netherlands Netherlands
Program Type Intervention
Implementer National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security - Stichting Fier
Relevance to FTF Detecting and Intervening Against Violent Extremism
Detecting and Intervening Against Recruitment and Facilitation
Detecting and Intervening Against Travel and Fighting
Detecting and Intervening Upon Return
Program Description

Family members of radicalized persons (see below for the categories) will be supported by the Family Support Unit. First step is in an intake and risk assessment. On this basis a plan of action is drafted – tailored in order to address the specific needs of the involved family. The plan is drafted in cooperation with the local authority/ municipality. A case manager from the Family Support Unit will coordinate the implementation of the plan of action, and might involve help and/or support from other specialists. Advice can be given on e.g. the way of communication with a foreign terrorist fighter or on the approach to the authorities.

This is intended for family members of radicalized persons:

  • who are and will stay in the Netherlands;
  • who are planning to fight abroad;
  • who are fighting abroad;
  • who have returned after fighting abroad.
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