Country Singapore Singapore
Program Type Community Engagement
Implementer Islamic Religious Council of Singapore
Relevance to FTF Detecting and Intervening Against Violent Extremism
Detecting and Intervening Against Recruitment and Facilitation
Detecting and Intervening Against Travel and Fighting
Detecting and Intervening Upon Return
Program Description

The terrorist threat in Singapore includes Jemaah Islamiah and Daesh sympathizers who may face the risk of either of self-radicalization and offline recruitment. This community resilience program emphasizes building better trust and support relations between NGOs, the government and local communities. The program uses various techniques of rehabilitation & reintegration, community resilience and social cohesion. Creating rehabilitation ecology involves working with government authorities, family members and religious scholars. The program includes providing counseling by extrication of ideology, correcting religious misconceptions and imparting good moral and universal values. The program aims at building better community resilience and social cohesion through enhancing religious knowledge, contextualizing understanding and practice, instilling strong sense of identity and optimizing outreach particularly via new media.

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